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Bald Eagle


So I was outside today and my dad spotted a bald eagle he ran to the front yard and I ran inside to grab my camera and then I ran back out. I took lots of pictures of it but I don’t have great zoom on my camera so the pictures weren’t very close but I will post the pictures that I think turned out good. 🙂

I reposted some things because when I posted it before the pictures were very small so I reposted them bigger. 🙂



When you take a picture it is always fun to look at it from different angles. In the first picture I took of having the flowers upside down and taking a picture of them lying down. The second picture I took were the flowers were still upside down but I was right side up, I like this picture because I feel it isn’t a perfect look where the flowers are in the middle but it is to the side and still focused on the flowers.



I really like these pictures because they focus on the flower and make the background blurry witch I think is a really cool effect.