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Bug Perspective


My brothers friend actually gave me the idea for this picture. What he told me to do was to get on the ground and put the camera on the ground with me and take a picture of the flowers. So I thought this was a great idea so I did as he told me to do, I took many pictures but I thought this one was the best out of them all.

Cherry Blossom


I was outside the other day and the cherry blossoms puddles were all on the ground 😦 . But I thought this would be cool to take a picture of, so I tried taking pictures from different angels and tried getting the pedals up close and taking a picture looking up the trunk. Then I thought, well the pedals really pop out and so maybe if I take it from looking down the trunk it would be what I wanted a big focus in the middle and than something blurry but will pop as a background so that’s how I got this picture.