Archive | October 2013


For this picture I experimented with lighting, timers on my camera, and editing. This picture is an experiment with lighting because the sun was about to go down and I’ve always thought that people in pictures with the sun in the back were pretty. Although my plan didn’t work the sun was a bit to low and the picture is taken very low. Then I used a timer on my camera for the first time and it took along time to get a picture I really liked but eventually it really worked. Finally I tried an editing app, it isn’t great but I did get what I wanted to come out. I’m still working on trying to get my editing skills better and I’m going to do more editing so it will be better.



This is a picture of one of my friends. I was trying to take a picture that is of a person so the sun was going down and I thought this was a perfect chance. I took many pictures and finally got one of her in the air. This isn’t the best picture it’s a bit blurry but I love the sun in the back it looks really cool.